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Denso (5749) IKH01-24 Iridium Racing Spark Plug, (Pack of 1)

The ultimate spark plug upgrade for your tuned MQB and Gen 3 TSI!

The ultimate spark plug upgrade for your tuned MQB and Gen 3 TSI!

Keep that pesky EPC light and misfires away.

The Denso IKH01-24 is a must have spark plug for a tuned MQB or Gen 3 TSI.

Fits many models, including:

2015 and up GTI, Golf R, Golf and Sportwagen

2013.5 and up Jetta, GLI and Beetle

2015 and up Audi A3, S3 and RS3


  • 5/8" Hex
  • 0.4mm Iridium Tipped Laser Welded Fine Wire Center Electrode
  • 0.8mm Fine Wire Pure Platinum Ground Electrode
  • Special Hardened Insulator is 20% Stronger for Hard Core Racing Applications
  • Patented Self Cleaning Electrode Design
  • Silicone Oil Coated Insulator to Repel Moisture and Carbon Buildup
  • Handles Extreme Compression and Boost Levels
  • Machine Rolled Threads Prevent Seizing or Cross Threading During Installation and Removal
  • 100% Pre-Fired to Assure the Highest Quality Possible
  • Purified Alumina Powder Insulator Provides Exceptional Strength and Thermal Conductivity
  • Five Rib Insulator Prevents Flashover
  • Copper-Glass Seal Bonds Center Electrode and Insulator for a Gas-Tight Seal¬†

*Price is per plug

**Always check gap before installation and gap to tuner's specifications.

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