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Smith VW Alltrack/Tiguan/all MQB Lift Kit w/extended ATLAS rear shocks/mounts

As low as $684.99

You do have the option to run the lift kit without the upgraded rear shocks/mounts but we highly recommend them.

My name is Arno Kissell, manager of Smith VW Performance and Tuning center in Wilmington, DE. I’ve been a fan of lifted VWs since I first saw my first Mk2 Golf Country. In 2008, I lifted a Mk3 Jetta with suspension spacers up front and beefier springs out back. I loved the improved functionality of the car on and off-road, not to mention the look! A decade later, much has changed in the Volkswagen scene, but some core element remains - lifted VWs are cool! With that said, we are proud to release our Smith VW Alltrack lift kit solution in collaboration with Forge Motorsports.


The moment the Alltrack was unveiled, a build started in my head. I knew the MQB platform had some distinct differences, but was very similar to previous generations. In preparation for the project, I talked with Josh from Nothing Leaves Stock (NLS) about the lift on his Mk5 Rabbit “Country” project.


The first Alltrack arrived at Smith VW September 23rd, 2016, which happened to be just before the H2Oi car show in Ocean City, Maryland. As soon as the car landed, we put our techs to work. The disassembly started immediately along with inspecting and comparing components. Armed with the ground work we covered pre arrival combined with the physical parts in hand, I started working on a design.


With the help of a family friend and owner of a local machine shop, we produced the first Alltrack lift spacer kit. Through product testing, slight adjustments were made and the spacers were installed on our silver Alltrack, along with a host of other upgrades.


Our Alltrack was completed on September 30th, 2016. Lovingly branded as the “AllTheWayUpTrack” - compliments of our parts manager, Darryl Gatts - and on the road to the H2Oi car show. It was a definite head turner as most people had yet to see an Alltrack, let alone a modified one. When the clouds opened up and the downpours came, we even got to get a little mud on the tires ready to pull out fellow show goers who were less suited for the conditions.


After months of testing, the lift kit was removed and inspected. At that time, we found a couple items to be addressed. We experienced rear shock absorber and shock mount issues. Our remedy is OEM extended Atlas rear shocks, more robust shock mounts, bump stops, dust boots and required hardware. 


Sometime later we partnered with Forge Motorsports to carry out some further testing and mass produce the spacers we designed. The only difference being a ¼” change in front spacer thickness to streamline production of the Atlas/Alltrack kits.


We are confident that our lift kit solution is the ideal modification for Alltrack owners looking to get a little bit more out of what is already a fantastically capable car.

*Due to some 2018 up Alltrack/4 motion Sportwagens being equipped with a shorter driver side axle they may experience axle noise. While not detrimental a longer 5QM407271E driverside axle can be sourced to remedy the noise. Contact us if you need to purchase the longer axle.

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