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Black Forest Industries Heavy Weight Shift Knob - Full Billet

BFI Heavy Weight Shift Knob - Full Billet (Audi R8 - M8x1.25)

Not only does our new billet, heavyweight shift knob look great inside your car, but it also adds a bit of function and performance as well. With its solid construction and added heft, shifting becomes smoother and faster. Utilizing a modular threaded insert design this shift knob is compatible with nearly any application.

Weighing in at approximately 250 grams the added inertial mass makes shifting effort substantially less while speeding up the process at the same time.

BFI Heavy Weight Shift Knob - Full Billet (Audi R8 - M8x1.25)

This knob is specifically threaded for your application to M8x1.25 for a direct install in various applications.


    • One heavy weight GS1 shift knob
    • One BFI crest logo coin
    • One adapter for vehicles without threaded selector shaft

*Shift boot not included. Used for illustrative purposes only.

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